Bonding – The Concept

The equipment of metallisation KOLZER are available in horizontal and vertical versions: built using the best materials and components available on the world market, the two configurations are available with solid treatment chambers in steel of different dimensions.


Features and Benefits:

  • ecological process at low temperature efficiency and high productivity systems of vacuum pump simple visual interface for the operator working cycle software automated process with more than 60 years of Database To actuate the completely from the process, depending on the application.

Loading system:

  • the materials to take are mounted on door systems-parts, also called “satellites”, and those are mounted on the system of loading/unloading, also called “planetary system”. In the course of the coating process, satellites revolve around the source of evaporation and around their own axis, for “métalliser”, uniformly even complex surfaces; the vacuum also ensures an ideal condition for a coating perfectly homogeneous and compact. 

Operating phase:

  • the fixing of the parts is carried out on the satellites, and then mounted on the loading system. After the closure of the House of coating, the automatic cycle begins. The process of metallisation begins when the vacuum reaches the optimum value. At the end of the process, the system reports the House to atmospheric pressure. The installation is ready for the metallization of the next load, which is already in place on the second system of loading.


Bonding – The Process

By the term metallization, one hears in a generic way the sublimation and condensation (deposit) on a substrate of a thin film of metal in low pressure condition in the order of 10-4 torr. The low pressure (empty) allows the molecules of metal to move from of the evaporation source on the surfaces to take, without encountering obstacles of air and other gaseous particles. The version of the most known industrial metallization is that which is produced by sublimation, and Filing of aluminum on a manufactured product. On Plastics printed “glossy” The deposit has place directly after the pre-treatment of plasma in the House of process. On all other materials generally a preparation with a background leveling frame, insulation and capable to increase the adhesion of the successive layers of metal and transparent finish is necessary.

The base layer has three different functions essential to the success of the process:

  • Insulating
  • aesthetic
  • functional interface to the accession of the successive layers

The aluminum and other metals deposited fulfill the functions strictly aesthetic and functional. It is estimated that 60% of requests for metallisation are essentially aesthetic, but the application of functional type increases more and more quickly, with the gradual deployment of the process of galvanizing, very expensive and very dangerous for the sustainable environmental policies necessary.

For the cycles of metallisation for the sector lights for vehicles and parables for the reflectors in general, cycles to several steps have been developed:

  • metallisation
  • plasma with aluminum
  • polymerization by plasma (chemical vapor phase deposition activated by plasma in a single process)

Intended for the electronics compartment and the Electromagnetic Insulation: deposition of several layers of various metals.

Intended to cycles of aesthetic metallization, the transparent finish is now conducted primarily with products of lacquer, due to their shiny and glassy which amplifies the effect of brilliance and the definition of the image reflected by the metal layer filed, with extraordinary results in the aesthetics and functionality. The layer of finishing, which can also be colored, also plays an important role for the protection of the metal deposited, of the mechanical degradation and the oxidation and the chemical attack (perfumes, essences, sweat, etc.) and complete a cycle of coating Composed of a Multilayer package strongly cohesive.

A full installation for the metallization of decorative Sector/functional consisting of métallisateur, cab paint to paint objects, oven for drying of the painting, compressed air systems and refrigerator of water. KOLZER can provide on all machines, materials of consumption and accessories needed for the work, as well as a technical support after-sale by a qualified staff and well established in the world.