P.V.D. Applications

P.V.D. Applications

In several industrial areas, the technology of vacuum coating (PVD) tend to replace the traditional methods of coating, such as galvanizing or hexavalent chromium, very harmful to the environment and toxic to man, with operating costs very interesting.

The most common applications are:

-The lights for vehicles and reflectors in general

-Accessories for mounting frames -cosmetic packaging food and

-Hiding EMI/RFI -Products for the improvement of the style of life

-Glass In general, bottles for alcohol and bottles for perfumes and other.

-Ornamental Articles decorative and

– automotive parts, both internal and external

– parts for the taps

– fashion accessories, jewelry and fur


Why trust KOLZER ?

Metallisation, PVD cathodic spraying, plasma, chemical vapor phase deposition activated by plasma. We are leaders in the design and manufacture of systems of vacuum coating with high-quality performance. Our machines incorporate more 60 years of technological know-how to these processes, in all fields of application, technical, functional and aesthetic. Our métalliseurs are built with the best components available on the world market.

Our advantages

  • over 1000 systems installed in the world
  • of fast cycle times
  • mass production while maintaining a low energy consumption and supplies
  • high efficiency of service given the ease of loading  unloading and the little maintenance high productivity
  • with a single operator Windows operating system with Internet 24/7
  • Rooms to treat steel, made to last process completely “respectful of the environment”
  • location in reduced
  • volume option of plasma available on all facilities
  • 2 years of warranty and insurance of minimum life of 12 years
  • a global network of advice, assistance and after-sales service reconnuLa range of horizontal machines DGK KOLZER ® offers the nec plus ultra in the Process of vacuum, greater flexibility of use, even if you have to deal with pieces of different sizes and take up little space in the production departments. The Vertical range KOLZER innovative MK ® offers a high speed, large volumes of production, and to facilitate the operations of loading / unloading, thanks to two doors equipped with systems of machines. A complete range of horizontal KOLZER vertical and of a service of design on measure for the specific machines of size, optimizes the process during the customization to the user. And all the machines may be assisted by systems of loading, including automatic, developed to maximize the production.KOLZER distinguishes itself from these confreres in bringing a custom solution but nevertheless proven, more effective for the needs of each client. Our range consists of a family of complete systems, the “mini-compact system” for companies and research laboratories to the systems of online processes, ranging from hybrid systems (evaporation/sputtering/plasma/other) to the machines of very large capacity.

Our Response

We are the reference of the market in the production of coatings of machines in the empty: we offer innovation, the process of the versatility, the flexibility of the production, competitive prices and more than 60 years of experience. The low operating costs, faster cycle times than those currently available on the world market with the KOLZER machines to ensure that the standards of the industry the higher costs the more competitive.





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