Metallisation by sputtering





The spraying of coating or sputtering is one of the methods the more flexible to physically remove a metal in the vapor phase or P.V.D.(Physical Vapor Deposition/physical deposit in the vapor phase).

One applies a high voltage and the gas is introduced. The argon ions positive undergo the process of acceleration on the Cathode negative and then expel the atoms of the metal plate (material of evaporation), which successively descend on the substrates already present in the House and the condense.

The impact of the atoms on the material of evaporation produces the “sputtering”, as a result of the acceleration given by the incoming particle.

Unlike many of the other techniques of deposit under empty, there is no fusion of the material, therefore all metals and alloys can be removed with a high performance and a large control. If in addition of the gas treatment, a reactive gas is introduced in the House, such as the nitrogen or acetylene, nitride reactive carbide develops on the substrates.

Different cathodes made of different materials can be inserted in a system of coating under vacuum, and therefore of the multilayer systems can thus be achieved. In addition, it is possible to change the combination of individual layers by varying the combination of reactive gases.

KOLZER designs, develops and manufactures its systems by using sources of magnetron spray of any size and in any form (circular, cylindrical, rectangular) offering a wide range of targets (material of evaporation).

The technology “Spraying” is a real alternative to the final replacement of the process of the galvanic system of electroplating, on the metal and plastic which are considered very pollutants and hazardous to human health.

To continue to use the chrome plating, which is a coating ideal for confer in addition to decorative characteristics, mechanical performance superior,, KOLZER  Has developed CHROME CLEAN ,Using the technique of the sputtering, which is the physical process and non-chemical , which allows the total elimination of releases and effluents, harmful to the environment and without consumption of water.

With CHROME CLEAN, you avoid the treatment cycles very long, which allows significant gains in production, with a better repeatability and a decrease of the scrap.

CHROME CLEAN  Is a process of manufacture reliable, efficient, economical without impact on the environment , a genuine production “green”