Composition of the system

Filtration unit in the main cabinet

1) filters 1 and 3 are filters to fine particles of high quality according to ISO 8573 Class 1

2) The filter 2 is a special unit of physical filtration / chemical, patented, which is fundamental to ensure the proper functioning of the system Airmatic

3) the filtration unit installed on the Airmatic is not intended to eliminate the water; it is imperative that the air that happens is dry and at maximum deoiled.

Heating unit and ionization in the main cabinet

1) The system is equipped with a heating unit of the compressed air, with a temperature probe, an interlock PID of heating and a numerical indicator of the temperature.


EMP cabinet

1) Each “air”(horn or fan, and atomization) is treated individually to have more effective

2) Each channel passes through an EMP which ionizes the air.

3) This cabinet can be installed either before the robot arm, either on the arm, in function of the implantation.

4) A generator high frequency (12,000 volts) to ionize the air.


Flow of each EMP

for a Airmatic 500 gold

-1.3 1.3 Ex 250 nl/min*

-1.5 gold 1.5 Ex 350 nl/min*

for a Airmatic 3000 gold

-2.2 or2.2 Ex 2 600 nl/min*

* This are the normal flow rates of use ,

the maximum flow rate to occasional tip are to:

1.3=450 nl/min / 1.5=700 nl/min / 2.2=3200 Nl/min


optimum lengths for optimum operation

a) For cables high-ionisation voltage: They have a maximum length of 16 meters; consult us for the greater distances. A few are the circumstances never cut this cable to shorten or extend the length.

b) The ideal distance between the EMP and the pistols must be between 2 and 10 meters without loss of performance, with a maximum of 15 meters; in this case the installation is to validate by additional testing

options in the system

1) ATEX version

2) possible addition of a unit of the cooling of the compressed air.

3) Possibility to install two pistols ( four EMP)on the same main cabinet, in function of the flow rates of the pistols